Why have thousands of people, including physicians, enjoyed the incredible results of this program? Simply put, it’s safe and effective.

Through a variety of incredible and proprietary formulas, you will experience the highest quality of Methylcobalamin B-12 (which helps with stress and anxiety), Lean (which helps with appetite support and immediate energy), and our main product, the Advance Formula. Our process effectively triggers the brain into releasing fat off of your body. while we know fat contains toxins which are released when you lose weight (which is a positive effect), but fat also contains nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Through our formulation and spray, the nutrients released are redirected back into your body, effectively feeding you the elements you have been deprived of. Essentially converting your fat into energy and nutrition. With our program, you can now go on a low calorie diet without suffering the normal consequences, such as hunger, fatigue and irritation.

In the case of a standard diet, your brain goes into starvation mode, causing your brain to go into starvation mode and holding onto the fat. Worse yet, it sends out signals to cause you to be constantly hungry and thinking about food. Once your blood sugars have collapsed, you will actually begin to lose muscle mass, worsening your situation and delaying your results. More often this leads to cheating, mostly with sugars and starches which your brain lives on. You are actually fighting with your brain, and ultimately, will quit your diet and regain or exceed your original weight.

With our Weight Loss Program, everything is in reverse. You lose fat and excess water weight, not muscle mass. We have even seen clients from 50 to 60 years old lose over 50 pounds in just as many days, without loose skin!

The first 10 days you will lose a considerable amount of weight- it will feel as though you stepping on someone else’s scale. your clothes will become extremely loose, unlike your skin because, remember, you are losing fat and not muscle mass. Staying motivated will be easy once your friends, family and co-workers start to notice the new you!

By the time you have completed this program, you will have lost a significant amount of weight and fat, dropped sizes in your clothing, stabilized your blood sugars and blood pressure, not to mention lowered your cholesterol and triglycerides. You will have learned a new way of eating and potentially reset your hypothalamus gland, which dictates how and where you store fat in the years to come.

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