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Basically the body has three types of fat:
Structural – necessary to give support to organs.
Normal – a reserve of fuel, which the body can freely draw upon, when the nutritional income from the intestinal tract is insufficient.
Excess/Stored fat – unwanted, unsightly, and dangerous.
One Pound of Fat a Day system targets the abnormal fat!

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Our Amazing Weight Loss System includes the All Natural Homeo-Energetic “Advance” Spray, “Endure” B-12 Methylcobalamin and “Lean, energy & appetite support vitamins and “Ease, an aloe detox.

It’s really very simple … Just a three sprays of the “Advance” Spray under your tongue when you wake up and three sprays when you go to bed, this formula triggers your brain into releasing nutrition from your FAT to feed you. Now you can go on a low calorie diet of Fruits, Vegetables and Proteins and NOT be hungry.

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Through a variety of incredible and proprietary formulas, you will experience the highest quality of Methylcobalamin B-12 (which helps with stress and anxiety), Lean (which helps with appetite support and immediate energy), and our main product, the Advance Formula. Our process effectively triggers the brain into releasing fat off of your body. while we know fat contains toxins which are released when you lose weight (which is a positive effect), but fat also contains nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Through our formulation and spray, the nutrients released are redirected back into your body, effectively feeding you the elements you have been deprived of. Essentially converting your fat into energy and nutrition. With our program, you can now go on a low calorie diet without suffering the normal consequences, such as hunger, fatigue and irritation.

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